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Did cinderella google her prince charming?

Doesn’t matter.

I’m not Cinderella anyways :)

Many stories I’ve read about Love

It’s Beautiful (surely, this is what we all thinks in the first place to hear the word itself)

It’s a whole new experience

It’s something that feels ‘weirdly’ super nice

It brings you joy inside your deepest

It tickles your stomach

It was simply an ecstacy.


It can also be tricky

It can be desperate

It can bring the worst of you

It fools you

It screws you up

An ecstacy surely has a side-effect.


Love made us speak the truth, revealing the inner you, even to the point where you yourself did not know.



Now let me tell you a story,

the title is..

Is This Love?


Milky way

I swear I want to get some sleep right now. But I just can’t and I don’t know why and it’s frustrating. I cried. GOD.

Another sleepless night

Boy, dear boy, nobody’s answering my chat in my truthful times. When I need it, it’s not there.

Lack of Prays, yes.


How to tell a story




Always into a game.

I played your game. I AM playing it. This is YOUR game anyways.

And I would like to see the end.

Ketakjubanku pada Malam


Menakjubkan bagaimana malam mengubah semua perasaan kita.

Menakjubkan bagaimana malam menyadarkan apa yang kita tak sadar. Mengingat semua kejadian tersebut. Menimbulkan balasan-balasan tak terduga.

Menakjudkan bagaimana sebuah Lagu bisa sangat berarti.

Menakjubkan bagaimana diantara rasa ngantuk itu, bisa dilawan oleh berbagai macam perasaan yang ditimbulkannya.

Menakjubkan bagaimana Ia bisa memancing satu hal yang manusia lemah akannya, Ego.

Malam membiarkan Ego berdansa lepas, menyanyi sekencang-kencangnya, layak anak baru lahir.

Semua menjadi buram-jelas.

Kata otakku

Oh too much, neoya, your love, igo overdose!

Is that?

What? Is that true? O thank god!!!!!!!

Goodbye. My feelings are sorted out for him. Hooray yippieyay! Am so glad my friend told me about something about him today, that made me like ‘what?srsly?uh oh’.

He’s not for me :) thank you.


I felt peace.

Here goes my pride goes for nothing.

The tears just rolled down.
What a shame.
A pathetic shame.

All of those shits i’ve given to someone, never been this, or that far.
Damn, i gave you my hope! My attention! Sorry to say but i’m a prideful human being!

The pain had just washed away.
Those magical words.

YaAllah, save me from a lot of disturbing things that happened in my life.
Forgave me, ya Allah.